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Medical Malpractice
Have you or a loved one been seriously hurt by a medical procedure or an incorrect diagnosis? Did you or someone you care about have a routine test or surgery and have unexpected or even disastrous results? Or even worse, did your loved one die as a result of the medical misconduct or malpractice?

Medical errors happen frequently because doctors, hospitals, or other health care personnel fail to follow the established rules to protect patients. Examples of medical misconduct include missing a diagnosis, leaving a sponge or surgical equipment inside you during surgery, operating on the wrong part of the body or site, misreading X-rays, confusing you with another patient and prescribing the wrong treatment, prescribing the wrong medication, or not following a basic procedure, or failure to follow up with the patient. In these cases, there is failure to do something that was obvious or to ignore symptoms or test results.

Medical misconduct claims can be complicated, and you will need an attorney with extensive experience and expertise in handling medical malpractice cases. Sometimes the medical system will even conceal information. Goodsell Oviatt attorneys take these cases very seriously and vigorously represent their clients. They have a strong regional and national reputation and will protect your interests.