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Medical Malpractice - Birth Injuries
Do you have a child who sustained significant injury during birth? Did your hospital employees or physician fail to give safe care during the birth, prenatal, or postnatal period? Have the hopes for a healthy child been irrevocably altered as a result of the injury? Or did the worst happen-did your child die as a result?

The birth of a baby should be a happy time of your life. If, however, the medial care is not adequate, your baby may have life-changing damage. These injuries can include orthopedic injuries to limbs, cerebral and other palsies, spinal injuries, and brain damage. In the worst case, you lose a child you wanted so much.

The causes of birth injuries can be inadequate prenatal or postnatal care, inadequate fetal monitoring during the birth process, mistakes made during birthing, or reactions to drugs that you may have taken during your pregnancy. The injuries may be caused by medical error of the physician or by nurses, health care facilities, and other medical care services to you or your baby.

It is important that the rights of the baby and the parent are safeguarded. The Goodsell Oviatt attorneys have helped numerous parents receive compensation for their child's birth injuries. Compensation will never take the place of a healthy baby, but it will help with ongoing expenses and education and other accommodations necessary to provide for the child. Goodsell Oviatt attorneys will assist with the investigation of your case and help determine what happened and why. They vigorously represent their clients using their experience and expertise.