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Our Trial Lawyers get results. Below is a partial listing of some of the cases we have successfully litigated for our clients.

Automobile Injury Cases
  • Settled for $250, 000. Damage to vehicles was $1,200.
  • $675,000 recovery.
Bad Faith Cases
  • Worker's compensation insurance company forced worker to hearing without evidence to support the denial of claim.
  • Recovery in excess of $350,000 for bad faith failure to provide physical therapy benefits.
Construction Accident Cases
  • Recovery of $1.3 million for mild closed head injury.
Construction Equipment Cases
  • In a heavy equipment rollover accident, the rollover protection system functions, but the internal restraints within the cab fail and cause severe brain injury to the driver.
Drug Cases
  • Fosamax destroyed esophagus while patient takes drug in a blind test against competing bisphosphonate drug.
Environmental Cases
  • Verdict in excess of $4 million. Settlement recovery of $30 million for hydrocarbon pollution from discarded diesel fuel. Lead counsel.
Farm and Ranch Accident Cases
  • Loading operator failed to wait for driver to tie down bales before loading next row. Driver crushed when 900 pound bale tumbled from trailer.
Medical Devices Cases
  • Defective Sulzer hip implant; settlement secured $2.8 million for 12 patients who required second hip implant surgery.
Medical Malpractice Cases
  • Supreme Court affirms medical malpractice verdict against neurosurgeon for a wrong level back surgery and improper placement of rod that destroyed the patient's spine.
  • Improper drug prescription causes stroke-Recovery in excess of $1 million.
  • Supreme Court affirms that doctor lacked the skills a neurosurgeon must possess and exercise in surgery.
  • Stevens Johnson Syndrome developed after patient takes seizure drug. Physician continued to prescribe more of the causative drug. Recovery in excess of $1.9 million.
Minority Shareholders Usurp Corporate Opportunity Cases
  • Verdict of $23 million.
Nursing Home Injury Cases
  • Nursing home injury recovery in excess of $5 million.
Physician Malpractice Cases
  • Physician placed pedicle screw through vertebrae into the iliac vein.
Product Liability Cases
  • Defective seatbelt latch in rollover causes paralysis to driver. Recovery in excess of $2 million.
Resort Improper Security Cases
  • While vacationing in Caribbean with parents, child is sexually abused by resort staff. Recovery in excess of $3 million.

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