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More than 1 Million People to Attend Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins in only a few days. The annual weeklong event attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota. In 2014, over 450,000 people attended the Sturgis Rally nearly, 70 times the population of the entire City of Sturgis and greater than one half of the entire population of the State of South Dakota. This year nearly a million people are expected to attend. The 75th Annual Sturgis Rally projects nearly one million attendees.

2015 Sturgis Rally Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights
In 2014, there were over 240 Sturgis Hospital Emergency Room visits, nearly 1800 calls for service, and more than 900 arrested or cited in the City of Sturgis alone.

Many who attend the annual Sturgis Rally are not prepared for the challenges that the event presents. Congested traffic and aggressive driving cause many accidents along the I-90 corridor that connects Rapid City, South Dakota and the Northern Black Hills. Aggressive driving and quickly merging traffic combined with alcohol consumption have led to death and significant injury to motorcyclists in the past. Motorcycles traveling in blind spots are not easily seen by the hundreds of cars and trucks that travel I-90.

This creates an environment favorable to motorcycle crashes, which is dangerous and can lead to substantial injury. If you are injured while attending the 75th Annual Sturgis Rally, the partners, and associates of the Rapid City Law Firm Goodsell Quinn can provide immediate representation.

"I've represented the worst of the worst motorcycle accidents," says attorney G. Verne Goodsell. The Sturgis Rally is no stranger to our law firm. "Unlike other national firms, we understand the local climate, which makes the ultimate difference in litigating motorcycle accidents."

As seen in the associated photograph, a client who was attending the 2013 Sturgis Rally was struck by a truck. Fortunately, the client sought immediate representation from the motorcycle accident attorneys at Goodsell Quinn. Our experienced lawyers immediately began investigating the case, which has resulted in a lawsuit against the driver.

Protect Your Sturgis Rally Rights and Remember the Following
  • Get help from an attorney immediately.
  • Do not speak to any insurance company, even your own, regarding the motorcycle crash without proper representation.
  • Seek medical assistance from a hospital immediately; do not assume that you are "okay".
  • Do not post photos, videos, or comments about the crash on social media sites.
  • Do not speak to friends or family members about the specifics of the crash; allow us to safeguard the maximum recovery you may be entitled too. Sometimes specifics that you say to others can be used against you during litigation. We protect your rights.
  • Call the motorcycle accident attorneys of Goodsell Quinn if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

What is Wrong and How You May Be Damaged
  • You have been in a motorcycle accident.
  • The carrier may not negotiate a "settlement" with you, for less than the reasonable replacement value of the damaged property.
  • Insurance carriers force you to resolve your dispute outside of the Courts, limiting their exposure to your loss and resulting in a less than replacement value for the damages to your property.
  • South Dakota law prohibits insurance companies from forcing arbitration. To avoid this, the insurance carrier refers to an "appraisal clause," but in the fine print it is a mandatory arbitration agreement.

What You Can Do Now
If this conduct sounds familiar:
  • Call our firm for an immediate consultation with an expert concerning your case.
  • Our experts will efficiently identify whether your case is actionable.
We can also call you back. Just tell us when you would like to talk. All Consultations are absolutely free. Our experts will efficiently identify whether your case is similar to other cases and could result in a class action against certain carriers.