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Slip and Fall Lawyers
Have you or someone you care about been injured because of dangerous property conditions? Were there inadequate warnings of unsafe conditions or inadequate security which resulted in injuries to the head, neck, back or spine? Or did the worst happen? Did someone you care about die as a result of the negligence of another person or corporation?

Part of the responsibility of a business owner or manager is to maintain a safe place for customers, pedestrians, and other guests. Some examples of premises liability cases include Slip-and-Falls, Trip-and-Falls, and Inadequate Security Injuries.

While anyone can be injured in a Slip-and-Fall or Trip-and-Fall accident, older citizens and children are especially vulnerable to harm. These preventable accidents can be caused by slippery floors and stairs, standing water, damaged walkways, or faulty or defective railings. They may occur at stores, restaurants, recreational areas, or even nursing homes and care facilities.

Inadequate security resulting in a preventable assault by a third party is another cause of premises liability cases. These accidents can happen in parking lots, at campgrounds, malls, day care centers, resorts, hotels, ATM kiosks, apartment buildings, and on cruise ships. Injuries are traumatic psychologically and are often physically severe or catastrophic. Women and children are often the victims in these, and there may even have been child abuse or rape.

Liability issues are often complex, and you need an experienced attorney who can help investigate and evaluate your case. The attorneys at Goodsell Oviatt take these cases very seriously and have helped many people get the compensation they deserve. Let them put their regional and national experience to work for you. Don't settle for less.