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Workman's Compensation Bad Faith Law
It's simple. When you've been injured at work and determined to be permanently and totally disabled and your treating physician orders medical care that will improve your way of life, the insurance carrier must provide the care, at no cost to you. In many cases, insurance companies delay or deny the payment of care ordered by your physician. This is an example of bad faith by your insurance carrier and it happens more often than you might think.

Consider this: your doctor says that you should receive medical treatments and you can't afford to pay for them, after all, the Department of Labor has determined that you are permanently and totally disabled. Imagine the hardship you suffer while waiting endless days, weeks, and months for treatment that could improve your quality of life, and it never arrives.

This is considered bad faith, and insurance carriers don't think you're smart enough to take action. You are.

Contact the Trial Attorneys of Goodsell Oviatt for an immediate consultation. Our experienced lawyers will look at all sides of your claim, carefully evaluate it against statutory law, and fight to protect you. We've recovered millions in bad faith claims against insurance carriers and we are determined to continue to hold insurance carriers accountable for their actions.